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The Home page The site's home and welcome page.
Site-related pages:
The Change Log The site's Change Log, listing new content and changes to content, with the most recent changes listed first.
The Site-Log (this page) A list of static links to all pages that you are allowed to access, and able to access directly.
The "About Me" page A list of static links to all the pages in the "About Me" section of the menu.
The "Me" page Personal information about me.
The News page My personal news blog
My Opinion Blog My personal opinion blog, containing my views on news stories and things that have happened in my life. For links to individual postings click here.
My Humour Blog My humour blog, containing jokes, videos and funny pictures. Updates to this blog are not recorded in the Change Log.
My Food Blog A record of what I have eaten and cooked, sometimes with photos. Updates to this blog are not recorded in the Change Log.
My Hobbies page Information about my hobbies.
Photos of Trips and Events Photo galleries of my recent trips and events.
The Genealogy page Information about the genealogy of the name "Fosberry"
My Services page Information about my various services.
My Consultancy services page Information about my consultancy services (where you can also view my CV).
My Web-Hosting services page Information about my Web-Hosting services, with technical descriptions and guideline prices.
My Web-Site Design and Coding services page Information about my Web-Site design and coding services.
My WebApp services page Information about my WebApps -Software Applications running on a web-server (yours or mine).
My English Language Teaching services page Information about my English Language services.
A selection of pages from guest contributors. Several pages, organised as blogs, from some of my friends, and from business experts.
A Brit in South East Asia News and opinions from a British ex-patriot living in South East Asia.
A Cornucopia of Links Links to some interesting and/or humourous information.
A Brit in Pennsylvania News and opinions from a British ex-patriot living in Pennsylvania, USA.
Cameron Ward's Advice Column Business and life-style advice by Cameron Ward.
The Resources page A page with links to some useful resources (local and off-site).
Media Resources A list of links to some media resources.
Social and professional networking sites A list of links to some social and professional networking sites.
Sources of software A list of links to some sources of software (both free and non-free).
Web Technology & IT Reference Resources, & Tutorial Resources Reference material on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.
Technical Papers Technical Papers on a variety of IT subjects
Virtualisation Technical paper on virtualisation (virtual machines, etc.).
How To Virtualise. Technical paper on how to set up virtual machines.
Which is Better – Windows or Linux? Technical paper on which is better – Windows or Linux?
JavaScript Guide A Guide to Writing Error-Free, Portable and Re-Usable JavaScript.
Online Games A selection of web-sites with online games.
Language Resources Online dictionary and translation resources.
The Earth and Moon Astronomy resources about the Earth and the Moon
Lunar Calendar Information about my Lunar Calendar.
Recipes Some of my favourite recipes.
Some of my favourite Italian recipes:
Spagetti Carbonara Pasta with eggs, bacon, cream and cheese.
Spagetti Bolognese Pasta with a meat and tomato sauce (called "Ragu" in Italy.
Pasta Chorizo Pasta with a sauce made from tomatoes and spicy Spanish salami.
Pasta Vongole Pasta with Venus Clams.
Calves Liver with Pasta Pasta with very lightly cooked calves liver.
Insalata Caprese The classic Italian salad made with mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil.
Fettuccini Alfredo American-Italian recipe of pasta with the cheesiest sauce you have ever tasted.
Penne with Ricotta, Zucchini & Mint A great summer pasta dish.
Penne al Arabiata The classic pasta with a spicy tomato sauce.
Tagliatelle with Green Asparagus, Prawns & Sun Dried Tomatoes A light pasta dish with outstanding flavours - the flavours stay separated.
Risotto The basic recipe for Risotto, plus variations (with Butternut Squash, with Mushroom, with Truffle, and with meat).
Baked Feta And Tomato Pasta The viral recipe from TikTok.
Pasta Cacio e Pepe Pasta with sheep's cheese and pepper, a classic dish from Rome.
Meatballs My adaptation of chef Pasquale's meatball recipe.
Some of my favourite Asian recipes:
Duck in Black Bean Sauce Duck (you can use other meat instead) cooked in a Black Bean Sauce
Hot & Sour Beef A recipe I invented to mimic Hot & Sour Beef
Sweet & Sour Prawns Prawns in a Singapore-style tomato based spicy sweet and sour sauce.
Chicken with Oyster Sauce Chicken cooked in an oyster sauce
Turkey Satay Not classic meat on a stick; more of a satay style curry.
Chicken Redang You will find redand/rendang, cooked using coconut milk, all over south-east Asia; this is Malaysian style redang.
Cashew Chicken A recipe for a delicious dish of chicken with cashew nuts.
Chicken Badam Pasanda A recipe for my favourite Indian dish, cooked with almonds, yoghurt and coconut milk.
Thai Chicken Ramen A recipe for a very quick and easy Thai Ramen (noodle) dish.
Pumpkin Coconut Curry (off-site link) One of the few good vegetarian curry recipes that I have tried.
Butter Chicken A really excellent recipe for a classic Butter Chicken (very spicy, so you might want to reduce the quantity of chili).
Some of my favourite European & American recipes.
Quick Chili Con Carné Chili Con Carné made using sambal oelek (which is what makes it quick to cook).
Christmas Stuffed Goose A goose, stuffed with a chicken, stuffed with a pigeon, and more stuffing: the best Christmas roast ever!
Stuffed Braised Trout Braised trout stuffed either with a conventional stuffing, or with a rich tuna paté stuffing.
Moules Marinière The classic French way to cook mussels. Technically this is a soup, but filling enough for a main meal.
Shepherds Pie An English classic: minced beef covered with mashed potatoes.
Club Sandwich The perfect club sandwich.
Poached Eggs Poached Eggs made easy.
Meat Stew A stew recipe for any kind of red meat.
Mustard and Tarragon Chicken Quick and easy mustard and tarragon chicken (which I use as a topping for salad).
Cheesy Mushroom and Spinach Puff Pastry Roll A delicious and nutritious vegetarian puff pastry roll.
Mushroom, Black Bean and Barley Soup A filling and tasty vegetarian soups.
Kohlrabi Fritters A great way to serve kohlrabi.
Olive Garden Salad A copycat recipe for the signature salad at Olive Garden restaurants.
New England Clam Chowder A really tasty clam chowder.
Some of my favourite crossover (hybrids of different regional styles) recipes.
Pasta with Prawns/Scallops & Cream Pasta with a cream based sauce with spices and a little soy sauce.
Some of my favourite bread, cake, cookie and dessert recipes.
Malted Bread Rolls A quick bread-roll recipe with malt.
Chocolate Brownies Chocolate Brownies: unhealthy, but so good!
Bread & Butter Pudding A classic English dessert, made with bread, butter, eggs, milk, lemon peel and raisins.
Scones The classic English tea food: plain scones, fruit scones and cheese scones.
Crumpets An English specialty: crumpets.
A selection of sauces and dips.
Tartar Sauce Tartar sauce, for when you cook fish; so much better than bought tartar sauce.
French Onion Dip Such an easy recipe, great for dipping vegetables, or on bread or crackers.
Weather Links to some weather forecasting sites.
What's It Like A list of links to pages describing what it is like living and working in various parts of the world.
What's it like, living in Oslo? From 2015 to 2016.
What's it like, living in Germany? From 1997 to the present.
What's it like, living in The Netherlands? From 1994 to 1996.
What's it like, living in Malta? From 2014 to 2015.
What's it like, living in Jakarta? From 201 to 2014.
What's it like, living in Prague? From 1998 to 1999.
Useful Tricks Life-hacks: some useful tricks for everyday life.
Software Recommendations Recommended software.
Computer Hardware Recommended computer hardware.
Car Rental Recommended car rental.
Restaurants Recommended restaurants.
Bars & Pubs Recommended bars & pubs.
Miscellaneous Recommendations Other recommendations.
Black-List A Black-List of suppliers & products to avoid.
Help Pages Context sensitive help index and introduction (opens in a separate window) - the help page should open on what is relevant to the page you are viewing on the main site.
Photo Galleries Help on my photo galleries.
The Change Log Help on the site change log.
Pages with in-page navigation Help on pages with in-page navigation.
Standards Compliance Information about this site's standards compliance.
Security Information about this site's security.
Searching Help on searching this site.
Navigation Help on how to navigate this site.
Bookmarking Help on bookmarking pages (adding pages to your favourites) in this site and sharing them.
Lunar Calendar Help on the lunar calendar.
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Known Bugs A list of known bugs (with browsers) that may affect your experience of viewing this site.
Technology used in this web-site Information about the technology used in this web-site.
Copyright Information about the copyright of the content of this web-site.
The Diagnostic Logger Information about using this site with the diagnostic logger
Individual Opinion Blog Posts:
Opinion Blog: Thread=0001 (International Law), Post=01International Law
Opinion Blog: Thread=0001 (International Law), Post=02Extraterritorial law enforcement over Microsoft emails
Opinion Blog: Thread=0001 (International Law), Post=03Lax German Legal Standards
Opinion Blog: Thread=0001 (International Law), Post=04Germany Blocks Al Jazeera Extradition
Opinion Blog: Thread=0001 (International Law), Post=05Japan To Restart Commercial Whaling
Opinion Blog: Thread=0001 (International Law), Post=06Obstruction Of International Justice By US
Opinion Blog: Thread=0002 (Espionage), Post=01United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC)
Opinion Blog: Thread=0002 (Espionage), Post=02ISPs take legal action against GCHQ
Opinion Blog: Thread=0002 (Espionage), Post=03Guilty by Metadata
Opinion Blog: Thread=0002 (Espionage), Post=04Hypocrisy Over Russian Spying
Opinion Blog: Thread=0002 (Espionage), Post=04Banning of Strong Decryption?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0002 (Espionage), Post=06Spies Lies
Opinion Blog: Thread=0002 (Espionage), Post=07WikiLeaks Hypocrisy
Opinion Blog: Thread=0002 (Espionage), Post=08Encryption For All!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0003 (Science), Post=01The Laws of Physics
Opinion Blog: Thread=0003 (Science), Post=02Even Einstein Believed In The Laws of Physics!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0004 (Tax), Post=01"No Double Taxation" Agreements
Opinion Blog: Thread=0004 (Tax), Post=02Guilty until proven innocent
Opinion Blog: Thread=0004 (Tax), Post=06More Extraterritorial Legislation
Opinion Blog: Thread=0004 (Tax), Post=07No Tax Havens?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0004 (Tax), Post=08Unfair Taxation In Norway
Opinion Blog: Thread=0004 (Tax), Post=09Industrial Action Over IR35 Taxation
Opinion Blog: Thread=0004 (Tax), Post=10Bizarre Bureaucrats At The German Tax Office
Opinion Blog: Thread=0004 (Tax), Post=11How To Make Trickle-Down Economics Work.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0004 (Tax), Post=12More About Trickle-Down Economics.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0004 (Tax), Post=13IRS Goes Paperless, Finally!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=01What has happened to the BBC?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=02More BBC Errors and Typos
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=03Bad Science on the BBC
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=04US Declares Religious War On China?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=05Punctuation Also Belongs In Headlines
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=06Birmingham Children's Hospital Brings Electrocuted Children Back To Life!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=07My girl and my dogs!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=08The facts are totally wrong!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=09North America Part Of Europe?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=10Bad Science Week?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=11Power versus Energy
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=12Time Machines?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=13Numbers about new Tesla battery technology don't add up.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=14Bad Journalism about Solar Power Generation in the Sahara.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=15No Chemists At The BBC?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=16Still No Chemists At The BBC!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=17Not a Jet!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=18Bad Geography Or Inability To Count?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=19Salmon Are Not The Only Fish Which Migrate To Breed!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=20Spiders Are Not Insects!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=21Punctuate Your Headlines!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=22Again, Journalist Doesn’t Understand Difference Between Energy And Power!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=23How About Telling Readers Something About Caesium-137?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=24Some Perspective On The Story Of The Lost Radioactive Capsule.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=25Did Jimmy Carter Eat Horse-Meat?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=26Helen Mirren Did What?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=27The BBC Should Learn To Count!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=28That Is Not How Batteries Work!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=29He’s What?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=30The Is No Such Thing As A 600 Mile Battery!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=31Solar Cells That Are 1000 Times More Efficient Are Impossible!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=32Brains Are More Complex Than The Models!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=33There Is No Such Thing As An Anodeless Battery!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0005 (Bad Journalism), Post=34A Needle At The Speed Of Light?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0006 (Celebrities), Post=01The fuss about the Royal Baby Name
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=01Bank repossesses wrong house; owner wants $18K
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=02Legal Hypocrisy
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=03Everyone is at fault in Polish abortion case
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=04A "bribe" to close a bribery prosecution
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=05Bank of Scotland guilty of double-billing
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=06Boris Gets Tough!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=07Yes, lying is a Crime!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=08The Millionaire And The Policeman
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=09Can Governments Be Sued, Or Not?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=10A Very Dangerous Precedent
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=11Overcharging At Supermarkets
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=12The Meaning Of Justice And Impartiality
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=13Competition Watchdog Creates A Monopoly
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=14Rapist Gets Joint Custody Of Victim’s Child!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=15Time To Fire This Judge!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=16Texas City Blackmails Its Citizens!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=17What Kind Of Legal System Do They Have In Spain?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=18Trump Again Attempts To Undermine The US Constitution
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=19BHP Billiton Shareholders Are Suing?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=20President says it's OK to grab women's private parts!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=21Amanda Knox and Malicious Accusation
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=22Illegal sanctions by US against the ICC
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=23Hospital Workers Sue Hospital Over Vaccine Mandate.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=24The Biggest Fines After Three Years Of GDPR.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=25Federal Judge Dismisses Anti-Vax Suit By Medical Workers.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=26Overreach by the Australian Government.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=27The Judge Said What?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=28Germany Is Fed Up With Paying Compensation For World War II.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=29Is This Data Privacy Ruling Correct?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=30Kevin Spacey Gets Screwed By US Court.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0007 (Legal), Post=31Solar Cells That Are 1000 Times More Efficient Are Impossible!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0008 (UK Government), Post=01UK Government, on Arctic Drilling: "... not our place ..."
Opinion Blog: Thread=0008 (UK Government), Post=02How Did We End Up With So Many Weak Bridges?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0009 (Sovereignty), Post=01The Sovereignty of Gibraltar - A Historical Perspective
Opinion Blog: Thread=0009 (Sovereignty), Post=02The Sovereignty of Gibraltar - More Historical Perspective
Opinion Blog: Thread=0009 (Sovereignty), Post=03Spain's Hypocrisy Over Its Enclaves In North Africa.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0009 (Sovereignty), Post=04Falklands War remains 'an open wound' in Argentina.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=01Global Warming - Do you finally believe?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=02Global Warming - What will our world be like?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=03Global Warming - What Causes It?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=04Global Warming News
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=05Global Warming News
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=06Heat from the sea to warm historic house
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=07Global Warming News
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=08Are our governments taking the environmental crisis seriously?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=09True Costs of Running an Electric Car
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=10Caribbean coral reefs could vanish in 20 years
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=11Dishonesty from the pesticide industry
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=12Missing air quality targets by 20 years
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=13Environmentally Unfriendly Australia
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=14Paying It Forward
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=15Apparently We Won't Learn
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=16Say Goodbye to the Northern White Rhino
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=17China, the USA & Global Warming
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=18Maltese Bird Hunters
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=19Dutch Citizens Sue Their Government
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=20More on the Maltese Hunting Season
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=21Mass Extinction is Now!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=22Dutch Citizens Win Case Against Their Government
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=23US Supreme Court Blocks Changes To The Clean Air Act
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=24Is The Case For Nuclear Power Sound?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=25Three Green Cities in the USA.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=26Exxon Knew About Global Warming in the 1970s!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=27Global Warming Deniers Are At It Again
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=28Don't Eat Whitebait!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=29Global Warming – More About What our world will be like
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=30Problems in Australia with Feral Have-Beens
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=31Even Americans Now Believe In Global Warming
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=32More About Exxon Becoming A Climate-Change Denier
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=33Global Warming Is Also An Economic Issue
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=34Mountain Lions Have Rights Too!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=35The UK Military Agrees With Me About Climate Change
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=36Balancing The Needs Of Environmental Protection Against Protecting People
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=37Climate Change Will Bring War
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=38Australia Destroys Rare Pressed Flower Collection
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=39Recycling Ends Up As Landfill
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=40The USA Is Now A Rogue State
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=41These Shark Torturers Are Lying
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=42Dr. Levine Is An Idiot!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=43Fewer Cars, Not Just Cleaner Cars
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=44Donald Trump Must Hate Bears
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=45Scientific papers that deny climate change are all flawed!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=46Climate Change Round Up
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=47Someone Is Wrecking Our Planet
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=48Fixing The Plastic Crisis
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=49Trump Is Out Of Tune With The Rest Of The Planet
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=50Oil Has Been Leaking Into The Gulf For 14 Years!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=51There Has To Be A Better Way To Protect The Environment
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=52Extinctions In 2018
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=53Societal Collapse: What It Means
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=54Bernie Is Right About Population Control
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=55Why KitKat changed its logo.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=56Panic because South Korea's population falls.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=57Stampede from fossil fuels would cost UK jobs.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=58Global Warming is worse than we thought!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=59Our Environment Under Pressure.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=60More Falling Birth Rates because of the Pandemic.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=61Amazonian groups sue French supermarket chain over deforestation.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=62Make ecocide an international crime!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=63Outlaw Bottom Trawling Now!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=64Most pheasants sold in the UK for food contain toxic lead shot!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=65Environmental Groups Seem To Misunderstand Why Frequent Flyers Fly.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=66The Two Options For Our Future, Depending On Whether We Protect Our Environment Or Not.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=67G7 Acts Against Fossil Fuels.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=68Living within the planet's limits.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=69Street Lamps Are Destroying Our Insects.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=70One In Three Tree Species Facing Extinction!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=71A US Intelligence Report Says Climate Change Will Bring Global Tension.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=72People Should Pay More For Food And Water, To Pay For Dealing With Climate Change.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=73UK Government Changes Definition Of A Heatwave.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=74Billions of Fish Are Being Wasted.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=75Atlantic Plankton All But Wiped Out!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=76DR Congo Walks Back Its Environmental Commitment - The Importance Of Money In Environmental Protection.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=77What If Science Cannot Save Us?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=78A Plan To Survive Societal Collapse - Fail!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=79Water Shortages Hit Europe!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=80Wild Animals Have Rights Too!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=81Water Ban Exemptions For The Rich.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=82Who Is It That Americans Believe Are Causing Climate Change?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=83Climate Change Is Making Diseases More Virulent!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=84More People Now Work In Clean Energy Than In Fossil Fuels!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=85Much Of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Comes From Fishing Gear.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=86Fights Over Water.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=87Marine Reserve Boosts Tuna Stocks.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=88Forever Chemicals In Most US Waterways.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=89You Can' t Trust Fossil Fuel Companies.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=90Germany Penalises Clean Energy Producers.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=91UK Government To Eliminate Tax Incentives For Electric Vehicles.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=92The Costs Of Climate Change.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=93Going Full Circle.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=94China’s Population Falls!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=95Greenwashing Is Their Business.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=96Climate Change Is Spreading Disease.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=97Shell Directors Get Sued.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=98Where Does All The Plastic Pollution In The Oceans Come From?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=99Profiteering Energy Company Doubles Profits Due To Government Green Subsidies.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=100The UK Makes A Complete Dog’s Dinner Of The Transition To Renewable Energy.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=101The Economy Will Be Hit Very Hard By Climate Change.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=102Climate For Billions Could Become Unliveable.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=103Polluted Tap Water In The USA.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=104Industry Lobbying Set To Undermine EU Environmental Legislation.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=105Water Technology Will Be The Next Goldrush.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=106Deforestation Is Down In Brazil, But It Needs To Be Reversed!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=107Former UN Climate Chief Is An Idiot!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=108Will Market Forces Be Enough To Phase Out Fossil Fuels?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=109Civilisation Is Carcinogenic To Our Planet.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=110Earth Overshoot Day Shows Just How Screwed We Are.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=111More On Societal Collapse.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=112The Amazon May Be Dying.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=113Our Love Affair With Plastics Will Kill Us.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=114Rich People Are The Cause Of Our Environmental Problems.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=115The EPA Is Only Now Setting Tougher Emission Standards For Heavy Trucks And Buses!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=116Water Company Doesn’t Disclose That The Thames Is Unsafe For Swimming!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=117Vast Oil And Gas Reserves Found In Antarctica!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=118Germany Has Too Much Solar Energy?
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=119Oil Companies Are Failing In Their Climate Pledges? Well, Duh!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0010 (Environment), Post=120No More Oil Licences Needed.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0011 (Blasphemy), Post=01Legislating against Blasphemy
Opinion Blog: Thread=0011 (Blasphemy), Post=02The Slippery Slope Of Banning Blasphemy
Opinion Blog: Thread=0011 (Blasphemy), Post=03Blasphemy Rears Its Ugly Head Again In Pakistan.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0012 (ISPs), Post=01False Advertising By M-Net.
Opinion Blog: Thread=0012 (ISPs), Post=02The USA Is Still In The Dark Ages for Internet!
Opinion Blog: Thread=0012 (ISPs), Post=03My ISP Changed My Terms Of Service Without Notice!
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Opinion Blog: Thread=0036 (Refugees), Post=03Migrants, Not Refugees.
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