Here are some other web sources of software, mostly free:

CNET is my favourite source of software for Windows. Although they do have software for other operating systems (e.g. Mac & Linux), the choice is not so extensive.

There is an excellent search facility to find what you want. It is always clearly explained whether the software is free or not, and what, if any, limitations exist for the free versions. You can see how many people have downloaded the software, and how users have rated it.

ZDNET provides a similar search & download facility to CNET. They also have a wide range of electronic newsletters, which you can subscribe (free) to receive by email, or read online.

SourceForge is the world's largest source for OpenSource software.

There is free software for Windows & Mac, as well as for Linux & Unix. Generally software is available for download as binaries as well as source code. The quality of software is usually very good, although the quality of documentation is rather variable.

Search results can be very large, as there are a lot of projects, and searches list incomplete and defunct projects too.

No, not just a browser, but several other tools, plus plug-ins for your browser (e.g. the incredibly useful Developer Tools).