Freelance Consultancy

I do freelance work in telecoms and IT.

My main telecoms expertise is in:

I mainly focus on management roles: project management, management consultancy, programme management, department management and test management.

I also have strong skills and experience in process work: process captures, process design, process optimisation and process implementation.

I have a great deal of experience in data migration and software migration (software relocation or re-homing).

If you are interested in using my freelance consultancy services, you can view (and save) a PDF version of my CV by clicking here, or view an HTML version here.

You can also see an overview of my skills and experience on my BrandedMe page, and on my LinkedIn profile.

An MS-Word version of my CV is available on request (by email).


I am a member of Maven (they would prefer I say "I am a Maven"), which is a micro-consultancy web-site. Maven allows potential customers to search to find experts with the right skills, and allows them to buy small amounts (as little as an hour) of consulting time from those experts. Fee rates are quite reasonable.

Click the button below to consult with me on Maven:

Consult with me on Maven

I am also a Council Member of GLG, another provider of micro-consulting.