Curriculum Vitae: David Fosberry


Personal Details.


David Fosberry


Grillparzerstrasse 44, 81675 München, Germany.

Mobile Phone:

(+49/0)- 174 923 1436

Date of Birth:

1st September 1955






Marital Status:

Divorced & Engaged


Educated to:

Degree (B.Sc. Hons.) Level.

Main languages:

English, German, French.

Core skills:

Management, Test Management, Change Management, Business Transformation Management, Team Building, Leadership & Motivation, Mentoring, Communication, Consensus Building, Facilitation, Distributed Client/Server Systems, Architectural Design, Implementation (Integration , Testing. Migration & Deployment of Software, Systems and Processes), High Reliability Systems, Telecoms, BSS (Business Support Systems - Billing, CSM/CRM, Mediation, A/R, G/L, etc.), OSS (Operational Support Systems), Web‑technology (web‑sites & web‑enabled applications).

Requirements Analysis, Management Consultancy, Methods Design & Implementation, Process & Procedure Design & Implementation.

Methods, Standards, Tools & Languages:

Agile/Scrum, Waterfall, OOD (OMT), CMM, CMMI, OOP, Formal (mathematical) methods, function counting, project modelling, critical-path analysis, Risk-Based Testing, Java (J2EE), JBoss, C, C++, Perl, JavaScript, HTML (4 & 5), CSS, LOTOS, Occam, Coral, Pascal, Fortran, Smalltalk, Prolog, ADA, SQL (Oracle, MySQL & MS-SQL), ClearCase, ClearQuest, HP-UX, Solaris, BSD-Unix, Linux, HP Serviceguard, Solaris Cluster, Apache, LDAP, Oracle RDBMS, Oracle Golden Gate, SPLUNK, TOAD, PL-SQL, Oracle SQL Developer, MySQL, MS-Access, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM BPM & ODM, TIBCO (inc. AMX), Tuxedo, Staffware, Remedy, WebSphere, BPMN, Lean 6-Sigma, Web-Services, MS-Office, MS-Project, Visio, Dia, Software Through Pictures (OMT version), UML, Functional Decomposition, ERA, KVM, VirtualBox, Xen, VMWare, Jira, Confluence, MS-TFS, SharePoint, HP-Quality-Center, XML, JSON, SOAP, WSDL, Arbor-OM, Arbor-BP, MAF/MPS, Amdocs Ensemble, Amdocs ACC, Clarify, Siebel, Vantive/PeopleSoft, Comptel, Tertio, Billing Components, SAP, Oracle Financials, BSCS, ZTE, Oracle BRM, Convergys/NetCracker RBM, AMM, DOC 1, naviBilling (based on Microsoft NAV), Prince-2, PMP, ISO-9000, ITIL, eTOM, AQAP-1, AQAP-13, Def. Stan. 05-21, EMC, NetApp, Exadata, RAID, NAS, SAN, and many more.

Experience Overview Summary:

Management -


30 years.

Project management

23 years (at Billing Components, Executive Management Consulting, Český Telecom, CRI, Manorhamilton Services & Sema)

Programme management

3 years (at du, Telkomsel, Tech Mahindra, Melita)

Department management

1 year (at O2)

Account management

4 years (at Billing Components & Executive Management Consulting)

Transformation/Change management

7 years (at Melita, Detecon, T-Impact[#1] [#2], Convergys, Billing Components, Vodafone, APPtime, CRI, & Český Telecom)

Test Management

10 years (in some roles test management was only part of my responsibility) at ICE.Net, Melita, IBM, Vodafone, du, O2, Convergys, Český Telecom, Billing Components, Executive Management Consulting, SEMA Group plc.

Multi‑cultural Projects

13 years (at ICE.Net, Melita, Detecon, Billing Components, du, Vodafone, Český Telecom, O2, CRI, Ericsson, & Sema)

IT -


33 years.

Telecoms -


22 years.


13 years (at ICE.Net, Melita, Detecon, Convergys, T-Impact[#1] [#2], Billing Components, du, ONI, Vodafone, Český Telecom, O2, & ICS)

Mediation, Provisioning and Online Charging (OCS)

12 years (at ICE.Net, Melita, Detecon, Convergys, T-Impact[#1] [#2], Billing Components, du, Vodafone, Český Telecom, O2, & ICS)


11 years (at ICE.Net, Melita, Detecon, Convergys, T-Impact[#1] [#2], Billing Components, du, ONI, Vodafone & O2)

PoS (Point of Sale)

3 years (at Melita, Billing Components, du, O2, & ICS)

Web Portals and Web Shops

3 years (at ICE.Net, Melita, Convergys, Executive Management Consulting & O2)


3 years (at ICE.Net, Melita, T-Impact[#1] [#2], Billing Components, du, O2, & ICS)


3 years (at ICE.Net, Melita, Detecon, T-Impact[#1] [#2], Convergys, Billing Components, du, Český Telecom, O2, & ICS)

Business Process Automation/Enforcement
(also known as Robotics and Workflow)

3 years (at ICE.Net, Melita, IBM, T-Impact[#1] [#2], Convergys, Vodafone, & O2)


6 years (at ICE.Net, Melita, Billing Components, Vodafone, Český Telecom, O2)


3 years (at ICE.Net, Convergys, Billing Components, du & O2)


Management Consulting

4 years (at Melita, Detecon, T-Impact[#1] [#2], Billing Components, Vodafone, ICS [for Telia], and at Executive Management Consulting)

Technical Consulting

4 years (at Melita, Detecon, Executive Management Consulting, T-Impact[#1] [#2], CRI, ICS & Manorhamilton Services)

List Of Clients & Employers:

Hi Sync Technologies Ltd., Tech Mahindra [#1] [#2], Unity Media, Cognizant, Detecon, ICE.Net, Melita, IBM, Commerzbank, Telkomsel, Convergys, T‑Impact Ltd.[#1] [#2], Billing Components GmbH, EITC (du), Patni Telecom, ITQ GmbH., Executive Management Consulting, BION-pad Vertriebsgessellschaft, Logan‑Orviss International[#1][#2], IIR, Vodafone, APPTime GmbH, Unisys, ONI Telecom, Český Telecom (SPT), KPN, O2 (Viag-Interkom/Telefonica), ICS UK Ltd., Telia, Swisscom, AT&T, DASA, CNES, ESA, Eumetsat, CRI A/S, Broadcom, Ericsson, Manorhamilton Services Ltd., SEMA Group plc, European Commission, MoD[#1][#2], GEC/Marconi Avionics.


Telecoms, Banking, Insurance, Defence, Space, Web, and Infrastructure.


July 2022 – Present

Hi Sync Technologies Ltd.

I am a Consulting Partner at Hi Sync Technologies.


Interim management of projects and programmes, process and methods consultancy, management consultancy and solution consultancy.



April 2020 – July 2020

Tech Mahindra

I worked at Tech Mahindra’s client, Telefonica Germany, as Release Manager and Test Manager for OSS (Operational Support Systems).

Much of the work revolved around the introduction of 5G services.


Release Management and Test Management.


Telecoms OSS, provisioning.

Oct. 2019 – April 2020


I suffered a serious spinal injury, and was unable to work for several months.

I had an operation on my back, and am now fully fit for work.

March 2019 – Sep. 2019

Tech Mahindra

I am working at Tech Mahindra’s client, Vodafone-Ziggo, as Programme Manager on a programme to upgrade both the hardware and software of their billing system, including re-homing the systems to virtual machines in new data-centres, improving system availability (adding a disaster recovery environment) and ensuring compliance with new security policies.

Several smaller billing systems are also being phased out, with data to be migrated into RBM.

Some of the Tech Mahindra team are on-site in Utrecht, some are in Den Haag, and some are offshore in India. NetCracker, who are the makers of RBM, are subcontracted to Tech Mahindra.


Programme management & technical consultancy.


Telecoms BSS. RBM, Comptel, OraFin, TIBCO, JBoss (SOAP web-services), GUI (web-based), custom code (Java), HTTP Commander.

July 2018 – Feb. 2019

Unity Media

I worked for Unity Media as Service Manager Billing, solving process issues with the Billing Operations and Defect/Incident Management.


Process and system analysis, solution design, planning of implementation, etc.


Telecoms BSS.

Sep 2017 – June 2018


I worked for Cognizant on their project at O2 Telefónica in Munich, as Product Owner of the Arbor Billing System, used for Retail, Business and Service Provider customers.


Analysing requirements, solution design, dependency analysis, effort estimation, etc., for updates to the billing system and related systems. Projects are a mixture of Waterfall and Agile (Scrum and Kanban).


Telecoms BSS. Amdocs Arbor-BP, Comptel EventLink, Oracle RDBMS, Oracle Golden Gate, SPLUNK, ngOCS (Huawei), IMS, Tuxedo EAI, Siebel, PeopleSoft. Perl, Ksh, SVN, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Jira.

Aug 2016 – Sep 2017
& May 2016


I worked on a variety of consultancy projects covering telecoms BSS, OSS, IT Infrastructure and LTE.


I worked on a project for a LTT (Libya Telecom & Technology) to support their tendering process for their system (BSS & OSS) upgrade programme, writing RFPs (Requests for Proposals), evaluating tenders, recommending vendors, SWOT analysis, and consultancy on their system roadmap.
I worked on a project in Malaysia, as part of a team writing an RfP (Request for Proposal) for a complete end‑to‑end telecoms solution (network and IT) for a new LTE service. I worked on the parts of the RfP covering BSS, OSS and the outsourcing of support services.
I worked on a project in Canada analysing requirements for a telecoms mediation system, and designing a solution, as part of a complete system renewal for a telecoms operator.
I worked on a consultancy project in Indonesia, providing advice and support for managing the tender process of an infrastructure operations outsourcing project, defining SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and performance measurement processes with associated financial contractual reward/penalty rules, the reorganisation of the IT division and an infrastructure cost‑saving programme, for a telecoms operator.
I worked on a project to create an RfP, for a telecoms operator in Thailand. The RfP was to procure a complete network and enterprise software suite for a new operator in Myanmar, and to outsource all the technical and business operations roles.
I worked on a project to recommend a supplier, and a proposal for a project management contract to run the implementation project, at a Canadian telecoms Operator, for a mediation and online charging (OCS) system.
In each of the above projects, the client had in place a business change/transformation programme, and the Detecon team were a strategic partner in that programme.


Telecoms BSS, OSS and Mobile Apps.


Aug 2016 - July 2017

Taking care of a sick family member

I stopped work to take care of my fiancée, who was very sick and hospitalised many times.

She is now recovered.


Dec 2015 – July 2016


I was BSS Test Manager at ICE.Net (a mobile operator) in Norway. The BSS project used the Scrum method, so testing was organised into Sprints.


Test management, test strategy, test planning, test design, test progress monitoring and reporting of FAT, Unit Tests, Integration Tests, End-To-End Tests, Migration Tests & ORT. Support of UAT & Friendly User Trials. I also worked on requirements analysis (prioritisation, clarification, and traceability) and on project/programme re-planning.


Telecoms BSS (Business Support Systems: naviBilling [based on MicroSoft NAV], Billing, Order Management, Credit Checking, ERP Customer Care, Customer Self‑Care, Point of Sale, Mobile Banking, Number Portability, etc.) & OSS (Mediation, Provisioning, OTA, etc), SOAP, JSON, XML, web-services and an in-house developed middleware layer.


>Oct 2014 – July 2015


I was the BSS Project Director (effectively Programme Manager) at Melita, a Telecoms operator in Malta, reporting directly to the management board. I was employed to get the supplier (Amdocs) under control, reduce the backlog of defects in the new BSS system and start work on the next phases of the BSS system implementation.

The project formed a central part of a multi-year transformation programme to introduce new systems, retire obsolete and out-of-maintenance systems, introduce new and competitive products and services, and get the company working to best-practice processes and procedures. I contributed to achieving all of these goals.


Change Management, Risk and Issue Management, supervision of the Defect Management team, Business Process Analysis, Test Management (FAT, UAT & Friendly User Trials), Requirements gathering & analysis, Migration Strategy and Design, Contract Negotiation, Supplier Management and Management Consulting (including the introduction of best practice management and technical processes, and mentoring).


Telecoms BSS (Business Support Systems: Billing, ERP Customer Care, Customer Self‑Care, Point of Sale, Rating, Mediation and Provisioning): Amdocs ACC & OCS (Online Charging System). Mobile telephony, ISP, Cable-TV, & VOIP services.


Aug 2014 – Oct 2014


I worked on a BPM (Business Process Management) project at Commerzbank, as part of a team brought in to bring the project back on track. The project used an Agile method: Scrum.


Defect/Incident Management, including the initial analysis of the causes of failures and the assignments of repair tasks to individual developers.

Test Coordination between the development team, and the customer’s technical, business & acceptance teams.

Deployment Management: managing and planning system deployments.

Introduction of best practice processes and procedures.

General management consultancy.


Financial services, BPM (process optimisation, workflow automation, validation, and monitoring) and ODM Operational Decision Management), web-services, HP Quality Center and Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS) .


Jan 2013 – July 2014


In worked for this Indonesian telecoms operator as BSS/OSS Implementation Programme Manager.


Implementation of BSS and OSS systems (CRM, Billing, Mediation, Provisioning, IN, OTA).
Supervising a team of project managers. Risk & issue management. Change management, scope control, escalation, etc.
Integration, test, migration and deployment.


Programme management. Telecoms BSS & OSS.


Aug 2012 – Jan 2013

T-Impact Ltd.

I worked on projects in management & telecoms system consultancy, and in BPM (Business Process Management). The BPM projects were all business change/transformation projects, created to reduce costs and/or increase effectiveness, and to which the T-Impact teams' work was crucial.


Support, training and advice to clients on available products and technology, on system vendors, on system requirements, and on project management, for billing systems, other BSS and OSS products for telecoms operators.

Interim project management at telecoms operators (including C&W).

BPM: methods documentation, business analysis (documenting customers’ processes, and optimising those processes), and implementing/automating processes, using Blue Works Live, IBM BPM (Lombardi Teamworks), and JavaScript.


Telecoms & Insurance. Business Process Analysis & implementation.


January 2012- July 2012

Convergys (NetCracker)

I worked on 2 projects to supply billing, rating, mediation, and business process work-flow management to an Internet Service Provider. These projects were part of a major transformation programme to provide new systems, increased capacity, change to an E-Commerce based business model for all reseller business, and to migrate to an outsourced IT and LAN infrastructure based mostly on virtual machines, and the Convergys team were a key part of planning and implementing this programme.


Test Management (test planning, defining and documenting test scenarios and test cases, test team supervision, test reporting), Incident/Defect Management (using Jira) and Release Management. I reported to the Convergys project manager.

Training and mentoring of the test staff (both from Convergy and from their TIBCO subcontractor), none of whom was a specialist tester.

The project was very customer‑facing: the customer shared an office with me and my team, and the test and incident management roles were performed with combined teams (customer & supplier).


Telecoms ISP, VOIP & Interconnect (wholesale and retail). BSS & OSS (RBM, AMM, DOC‑1, SAP), TIBCO (including AMX), and Jira.


November 2010 - January 2012

T-Impact Ltd.

I worked on projects in management & telecoms system consultancy, and in BPM (Business Process Management). The BPM projects were all business change/transformation projects, created to reduce costs and/or increase effectiveness, and to which the T-Impact teams' work was crucial.


Support, training and advice to clients on available products and technology, on system vendors, on system requirements, on competitive tendering (for Tanzania Telecommunication Company Ltd.), and on project management, for billing systems, other BSS and OSS products.

In the BPM business area, I worked on internal methods documentation, and as a business analysis (documenting customers’ processes, and optimising those processes), and implementing/automating processes. I used Blue Works Live, IBM BPM (Lombardi Teamworks), and JavaScript.


Telecoms & Business Process Analysis/Design/implementation.


October 2009 – November 2010

Freelance Projects

I worked on a range of small freelance projects, both my own projects and for external customers.


Specialist English language training (technical, engineering, management and negotiation language); I am a qualified Berlitz English teacher. Translations of technical, marketing and legal documents, both from English to German and from German to English. Infrastructure consultancy: vendor evaluation and selection, system and network configuration and administration. Web-site and web-application development.




June 2006 – October 2009

Billing Components GmbH

I was employed as Account Manager for the company’s biggest client, T‑Mobile Croatia, and as Project Manager for a large number of projects for customisation, enhancement and integration of the BC’s product (a telecoms billing, customer care and A/R system) with other systems (SAP, Clarify, Tertio, TIBCO and NSN network elements & network management systems).

T‑Mobile Croatia were engaged in a multi-year transformation programme to improve system quality, performance and capabilities, and introduce best-practice processes. In many cases this involved replacing functionality provided by the Billing Components software with other products, and Billing Components were an integral part of the planning and implementation of this.

During my time with the company, I managed over 50 projects (up to 13 projects concurrently), ranging from small functional enhancements of a couple of weeks, to major architectural change projects of several months.


Sales, marketing, proposals, SLA & contract negotiation, cost estimation, planning, requirements specification, functional specification, design, project management, risk and issue management, escalation management, management of the support desk, quality and process improvement, test management & planning and specification etc.

I managed offshore teams at our parent company in India, performing testing, development, documentation and configuration management.

I performed 1st and 2nd line support, migrations, and software installations remotely to clients' sites.

I led a company-internal transformation programme using CMMI, involving process analysis, design and documentation. The results of this programme ensured that the company passed process audit by our main prime contractor, Siemens.

I prepared documentation and training material for customers and Billing Components' staff, and delivered training courses and mentoring.




March 2006 – May 2006


I was System Integration & Test Programme Manager for the company’s project at du (EITC) in Dubai. The role was to integrate and test enterprise systems: Billing (BSCS), CRM (Siebel), ERP (Oracle Financials), Network Management (Nokia) & Network Elements (Nokia). I was responsible for several teams, each managed by a team leader and responsible for separate functionality (Billing, CRM, PoS, Mediation, ERP, etc.).

I was also involved in identifying new business opportunities for Patni at du, and for pre‑sales discussions with the client about these opportunities, which resulted in several new projects for Patni.


Sales, cost estimation, planning, programme management, risk and issue management, escalation management, process design and implementation (e.g. fault management), test planning and specification etc.

Due to the junior level of most of the staff, there was a very large mentoring workload on me and my deputy.




February 2002 – February 2006

Executive Management Consulting

I worked for Executive Management Consulting (a small consultancy based in Munich), and their associated company BION-pad Vertriebsgessellschaft, on business development, and provided management and business development consultancy to clients. I also managed and executed several projects to develop web-sites, web‑shops and web-enabled applications.


I managed competitive tenders for clients making purchases of large systems and outsourced services.

Management Consultancy (process & procedure development & implementation, roles & responsibilities definition).

Project management, planning, requirements specification, functional specification, design risk and issue management, escalation management.

Test management and test execution (integration tests and UAT).

Web development.

Sales & marketing, writing proposals, cost estimation, development of marketing material.


Telecoms, ERP, retail, web-sites and web-shops, outsourced services & general IT.


February 2001 – November 2001

Vodafone Germany

I worked at Vodafone via Logan-Orviss (a well known telecoms consultancy, now owned by Patni). I was originally employed to provide management consultancy to help manage Amdocs (a notoriously difficult to manage supplier), but Amdocs didn't want this role to exist and lobbied until I was transferred to another role.

I then worked at Vodafone as test coordinator (test manager) in the pre‑production department, on the KIAS2000 project, on the integration, test and deployment of 3 instances of the new BSS system (based on Amdocs Ensemble).

The KIAS2000 project was the centre-piece of a large transformation programme to deploy systems with adequate flexibility to support future product and service offerings, and to improve the performance and maintainability of the BSS suite.


Test coordination (test management of FAT, UAT and Friendly User Trials), management consultancy, risk management, migration support, Main Desk (support desk) leader (established the Main Desk and defined the processes), in pre-Production. Main Desk member (1st & 2nd line support) in Production.




January 2001


IIR, a well-known training company, subcontracted a training course on revenue assurance to Logan‑Orviss. I updated the existing training material and delivered the training course in London.


Training material preparation and training delivery.


Telecoms revenue assurance.


August 2000 – December 2000


I worked for this start-up software product company as Director Of Business Development. Their product was High‑Availability clustering software (middleware).

In addition I was the main agent in a business transformation programme to introduce best-practice management to all parts of the company.


My duties included a wide range of management consultancy (organisation, roles & responsibilities, mentoring, processes & procedures), plus the establishment of a network of partners who were to sell the company's product. I also contributed to the business plan for the following year, to be used as the basis for obtaining second round financing. I was responsible for defining the standard partnership (channel sales) contracts (in English & German). I produced web-site text on technical & cost/benefit subjects.


High Availability computing (middleware).


January 2000


I worked for Unisys in Portugal, at their client’s (ONI - a telco) site, as a requirements analyst. The project was mainly concerned with Clarify (telesales & customer care). The main systems to which Clarify interfaced were Kenan’s Arbor‑BP, and SAP.


Requirements Analysis.




November 1998 - December 1999

Český Telecom

I worked for the IT Division of SPT Telecom (later Český Telecom, now O2 Czech Republic), at the time the Czech state telco, as a project manager. I was responsible for management of the implementation & deployment project for the Amdocs mediation system (MAF), part of the Ensemble suite of software.

The project was the first in a series which formed a business transformation programme, the purpose of which was to introduce modern computer-based technology and best practice processes to the business.


Project management, change management, implementation (integration, test [including parallel billing], migration, training (of SPT and Amdocs staff), & deployment), recruitment, risk management, planning, supplier management, SLA negotiation & SLA management.




October 1997 - November 1998

O2 Germany

I worked at Viag Interkom (later O2, now Telefonica) as Implementation Department Manager, within the IM (IT) Division. I was responsible for implementation & deployment of all enterprise (non-desktop) systems: integration, test (FAT, UAT, ORT, Friendly User Trials, etc.), migrations, release management, configuration management, defect tracking, and deployment. I built the Implementation Department up from zero to a total staff of about 125, with 8 direct reports and a nine digit annual budget.

I also instigated and managed a transformation programme to change the whole IT division from an anarchistic silo-mentality organisation into a professional division governed by processes, with clearly assigned responsibilities, and supported by appropriate tools and document templates, covering Defect Management, Source Code Version Control, Configuration Management, Release Management, Application Management, Migration Planning, and Quality Management.


Management, implementation/deployment, recruitment, risk management, process & procedure definition, roles & responsibilities definition, training & mentoring, planning, supplier selection & management (outsource-contract negotiation, SLA negotiation & SLA management), and test environment design & management.


Telecoms: mobile, fixed-line, VOIP, ISP, indirect-access, business telephony (PBX), etc.

Arbor-BP. Arbor-OM, Comptel, Vantive (PeopleSoft), Oracle RDBMS, Oracle Financials, HP MC/Service-Guard, HP-UX, Solaris, etc.


July 1996 - September 1997

International Consulting Services (UK).

I worked as a Senior Consultant & Project Manager on consultancy contracts for ICS; the company provided consultancy to telecoms companies (private telcos & PTTs). Projects were mainly based on customers’ sites. The company’s main business was managed testing services, although this was not my main role at the company.

I worked on projects for Telia, AT&T, & Swisscom.

I worked on a company-internal project to improve standards and processes, using CMM (the predecessor to CMMI) and Prince (the predecessor to Prince2).


Management consultancy, requirements analysis, business process design, package/vendor selection, management of the competitive tender process for clients, proposal writing & other sales support, project management; methods/standards/quality consultancy; implementation & deployment management; test management.




March 1994 - July 1996

Computer Resources International

I was Project Manager for CRI on the CDC project, running a team of up to 26 people, developing a client/server system for the Ariane 4 rocket launch control room in Kourou (French Guiana).

The CDC (Centre de Contrôle) project formed part of the ESA's change/transformation programme to introduce the new Ariane 4 (first launch on the 15th June 1988).

I later provided consultancy on some of CRI's other projects (embedded software for satellites, and the Project Support Environment for the International Space Station), and participated in development of new web-based business.

Clients included CNES (the French space agency, as agent for the ESA, via Thomsom CSF as prime contractor), EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites), ESTEC (the European Space Research and Technology Centre), and DASA (Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG, now part of EADS).


Project management; client liaison; methods/standards development; system analysis, modelling, design, integration, test (including proof‑of‑concept testing), deployment, & acceptance; recruitment; supplier management, sales & marketing, contract negotiation.


Rocket launch control software, satellite software, ground station software, network management & system administration, development & test methods & infrastructure, and web‑based services


April 1990 - March 1994

Freelance Consultant

On moving to Ireland, I worked as a freelance consultant in the telecommunications, network management and software industries, both in Ireland and Germany, for Broadcom Eireann, Ericsson and Manorhamilton Services Ltd.


System analysis, modelling, and design; programming; network management; training, recruitment; R&D on test methods and non-functional test specification languages; team leadership; project management, business planning and budgeting; sales and marketing.


Software testing, telecoms, network management, wide area networking, office systems, voice-response and fax-response systems, multimedia, mobile communications.


June 1982 - April 1990

SEMA Group (previously CAP UK)

I worked as a Project Manager and Senior Technical Consultant in the Scientific/Military division of SEMA (formerly CAP UK) on Naval, Air, and Army systems, and then in the divisional Research Centre. Customers included the MoD and the CEC (European Commission). I was extensively involved in corporate strategic technology planning, and frequently represented the company in inter-organisational management and technical meetings.


Project management, test management, analysis, design (S/W & H/W), R&D, coding, testing, methodology development, consultancy, quality management, business planning and budgeting; sales; and marketing, supplier evaluation & selection.

During my 3 years working on CEC research projects, I gained excellent experience of multi‑cultural projects (all CEC R&D projects must have participants from industry and academia, from multiple countries).


Military systems, CASE/PSE tools, communications, data acquisition, signal processing, control systems, robotics, and development methods.


Sept. 1976 - June 1982

Marconi Avionics (later GEC Avionics)

At GEC (Marconi) Avionics I worked in the Sensors team of the research division (FARL), as a Senior Project Engineer (Electronics) and Physicist, specialising in optoelectronic sensors, on contracts for other parts of the company, and for external clients (mainly MoD).


Mathematical modelling, circuit design and construction (analogue, digital, and custom IC), mechanical design, software development, technical liaison, consultancy, sales, testing, field trials and analysis.


Automated test equipment, engine control, navigation, torpedo safety (anti-circling) systems, air data, and pilots' helmet position sensing systems.


1966 - 1972

Chichester High School For Boys,

1972 - 1973

Eastbourne Grammar School (to `A' level),

1973 - 1976

Queen Mary College, University of London (to B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physics).

Other Courses:

Management training,

Prince 2 Certified,

PMP Certified,

Object Oriented Programming training,

Facilitation techniques training,

Object Oriented Design (OMT) training,

Scrum Master.



First language,




Some ability, conversational & reading, including technical

Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian:

A little ability, mainly passive.


Referees available on request.



Skiing, Scuba Diving, Cooking, Bridge, Backgammon.

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