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Castle De Haar, The Netherlands Sculpture of Veiled Woman at Chatsworth House, UK

Castle De Haar, The Netherlands

Sculpture of Veiled Woman at Chatsworth House, UK

Most of the photos that you can see in the photo galleries on this site are for sale. You can also browse the folder at

The photos in the galleries are typically 0.75 Mpixels (1000 pixels x 750 pixels). You are free to download these for private (non-commercial) use.

The original photos typically range from 2 Mpixels up to 10 Mpixels. If you want copies of any of these, either digital or printed, please get in contact by email. Please state which photos you wish to buy (you can find out the filenames by clicking the right mouse-button over each photo - either the thumbnail in the preview pane, or the larger photo in the main pane - and selecting "Save Image/Picture As"). Please also state for what purpose you wish to be licensed to use the photos, and whether you want digital or print copies (in which case please also state what size, and whether you want matt or gloss paper).

Normally, for non-commercial use (e.g. if you want to have one of the photos as your PC desktop), photos will be free (in electronic form) or at cost (printing & postage costs) for printed copies.

For commercial use (e.g. for use in magazines or web-sites) prices will be determined on a case by case basis. Prices for the right to use a photo for 1 year for commercial purposes start at €5.

In all cases, the original owner of any photo supplied as above retains all property rights to that photo, and this web-site retains the right to continue to use the photo.

Normally any photo that you buy may also be sold to other customers. If you want exclusive rights to a photos (except for this web-site, which retains rights to use in all cases) the purchase cost will be higher.

Please note that it is simple to find my photos online, so if you use my photos for commercial purposes without purchasing the rights, I will be able to find out, and you will receive an invoice.