Searching This Site

There are two kinds of search that can be performed on this site:

  1. In the URL, searching for page names and file names;
  2. Using the pop-up search widget, which will search for page/file names and page contents.
Searching using the URL.

This search functionality is designed for simple and quick searches.

In your browser's location bar (where it probably says "") type "<keyword>" (e.g. "").

The keyword must be a single word or part of a word (i.e. containing no spaces). The search is case insensitive, so "pasta", "Pasta" and "pASta will all yield the same result. If the search finds only one page, that page is loaded; if there are multiple results, then these are presented in a chooser page so that you can select the page that you want by clicking the appropriate link.

Searching using the pop-up Search Widget.

This search functionality is designed for more comprehensive searches.

To open the search widget, click the search item (a magnifying-glass icon) in the fixed menu at the top of the main page. Simply type in a list of keywords, separated by spaces, and click the search icon in the widget (or type <Enter>) to see the search results.

There is also a keyboard shortcut to open the search widget. Simply type "f" - please note that this will only work if the focus is in the top frame (where menus are located), so click in the top frame before typing "f".

The search widget will remain open until you manually close it by clicking the "X" in the top-right of the widget.

Keywords can be whole or part words; you can also use some special characters (including "." and "/", but not "*"). There are no reserved words (typing "AND", "OR" or "NOT" will not affect the search logic; these words will be treated as search keywords).

If you use multiple keywords, they are ANDed: e.g. searching for "black" and "bean" will yield only results where there is a match for both "black" and "bean", so if your search yields no results, or doesn't include what you were hoping for, try reducing the number of keywords, or try parts of words instead of whole (e.g. "virtual" instead of "virtualise"). Please also bear in mind that this site is written in UK English, so use "colour" instead of "color", "virtualise" instead of "virtualize", etc.

Results are organised into four (4) sections:

  1. Page name and file name results, the same as the results from searching using the URL;
  2. News Blog results (from my personal news blog): entries which contain all of the keywords that you entered: clicking a result-line will load just that news blog entry, not the whole blog.
  3. Opinion Blog results of blog entries which contain all of the keywords that you entered: clicking a result-line will load just that opinion blog entry, not the whole blog.
  4. Page content matches: pages where the content includes all the keywords that you entered; results found in HTML pages, and in the News and Opinion Blogs will be displayed (i.e. no PDF files, and no pages where content is dynamically generated from the site database).