Standards Compliance

These Help pages are fully compliant with the appropriate W3C standard for HTML & CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

You can find the online W3C validation services here:

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Pages on the main web-site ( - all pages) are regularly checked for compliance with the W3C standards, but I cannot guarantee that all pages are fully compliant at all times. Information about standards compliance of pages in the main site is displayed in the information pop-up, which is available for all pages. You can view the information pop-up by mousing-over the information icon in the Fixed Menu.

The site almost exclusively uses HTML 5. Some pages are written directly in HTML, and in some the HTML is generated by Perl scripts running on the web-server. Some pages (the photo galleries) generate content dynamically (DHTML - Dynamic HTML) using JavaScript which is also written by a Perl script.

At the moment some browsers are also not fully compliant with the W3C standards. This is one of the main reasons for differences in appearance and function of web-sites, from one browser to another, and the fact that some sites do not work in some browsers at all.